Saranac River

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See the  Public Fishing Rights Map / Saranac River for your access points.

The upper Saranac River hosts rainbow trout and brown trout. Upper section from Bloomingdale to Franklin Falls Flow in Essex County is accessible from along River Road, east of Bloomingdale.

The middle Saranac River hosts brown trout and brook trout and is heavily stocked. It flows from Union Falls in Franklin County to Cadyville in Clinton County. Accessible upriver and downriver of Clayburg. There are parking areas and public fishing rights off Silver Lake Road. 

The lower Saranac River hosts landlocked salmon in the spring and fall. Brown trout and steelhead inhabit the lower sections too. Public fishing rights located Plattsburgh.

The Saranac river is noted to be a hidden jewl in the shadow of the AuSable River, but can be very rewarding

Permanent Rapids Section

This section of the river is all fast water.  From the Village of Saranac Lake to Bloomingdale the river flows slow and is best suited for warm water bass and pike, but the river changes due to the gradient drop. This last for about 3/4 of a mile before dumping into franklin falls impoundment.

Probably the best fishing is in the spring. This section of River gets stocked with rainbows and browns.  Water temperatures are cool in the spring.  the fishing will last till the water temps come up and then it will slow down.

Union falls Section

This section of the river is a mix of fast and slow water, From the dam down to the pump house outlet is fast and them it dumps into a large pool. Fishing is pretty good in the pool.
It has rainbows and browns.  The pool fishing good all season.  The section about the pool back to the dam upstream can be low at times due to water releases.  When the river is up in the spring that short section fishes pretty good.  Below the pool, the river slows a bit as it winds away from the road.  Acess to that section is from the pool area and hiking down.  Not a place you want to go alone.  Bring a friend.

Morrisonville Section

This section of the river is catch and release and is decent fishing throughout the season as long as the water does not get too warm. 

Expect to find browns and rainbows.

Plattsburgh Section

This section of the river is open to Lake Champlain, therefore we get Bass, Salmon, and Browns. 
Spring time brings in the Atlantic salmon first and after they are done big bass come in. There is boat access at the mouth.  However, most anglers wade the river. Boats are only allowed to move up River a short distance anyway.  The boundary is marked by the walk and rail road bridges. 

Special Regulations

We should mention that there's a Special Regulations for artificial flies or lures only area from Catherine street bridge up River to the imperial dam in the fall.  Check the Dec web site for details