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West Branch AuSable River
​Area Watersheds 

Nested the the High Peaks of NY, lies some of the finest trout fishing in the East.  The Adirondack Park posses approximately

There is a vastness to the region.  In some cases these waters are nested close to easy access while many are back country canoe trip or hike in's. 
2800 lakes, rivers, streams and ponds
Naturally there are lots of choices when it comes to fishing the Park.  Anglers have choices of watersheds close to the roads or more remote back country canoe or hike in's. 

List of High Peak water Sheds
Rivers​, Streams & Brooks
  • AuSable
  • West Branch AuSable
  • East Branch AuSable
  • Saranac River
  • North Branch Saranac
  • True Brook
  • Cold Brook
  • Bouquet River
  • Saint Regis River
  • Deer
  • Hatch Brook
  • Little Salmon
  • Marble
  • Chateaugay
  • Salmon
Lakes, Ponds
  • Lake Champlain
  • Franklin Pond
  • Union Pond
  • Taylor Pond
  • Moose Pond
  • Big Cherry Patch
  • Little Cherry Patch
  • Owens Pond
  • Connery Pond
  • Winch pond
  • Copperas Pond
  • Mirror Lake
  • Lake Placid Lake
  • Lake flower
  • Oseetah Lake
  • Kiwassa Lake
  • Lower,Middle,Upper Saranac Lakes
  • Lake Colby
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